February and March were spent in planning and procurement. A myriad of orders were made from Fisheries Supply, Amazon, Weaver, West Marine as well as various single purchases from more obscure vendors. All of this “stuff” was sent to Bruce Lucas in Elmer, New Jersey and we were pleased to only have to pay $26 in shipping charges.

After researching how to ship boxes of our personal belongings we settled on using Greyhound. Four heavy duty cardboard boxes, approximately 18” on all sides, were purchased and these were packed very carefully so as to utilize all space available. The heaviest box ended up being 76 lbs. while the lightest was 42 lbs. These were taped up like crazy and handles were installed to make handling easier.

A couple of days before the departure date our good friends, Lew and Katie Thomas invited us over for a farewell dinner. When we arrived (fashionably late) we found that Gordon and Maureen Crowe, Chuck and Eska Wilson and John and Reba Macleod were also there. What a great farewell party! So much appreciated.

Finally the day came for Ron to head to New Jersey and ship the belongings. It was an overnight flight. Ron was met at the Philadelphia Airport by Bruce and Bruce who took him to see all of the stuff that had been shipped to his business address, Baywatch Marine Services. Quite a pile. After this they took Ron to get the rental car and then head to the boat. Finally it was time to get busy with all of the projects ahead.

Rental car with partial load of items purchased for outfitting

Rental car with partial load of items purchased for outfitting

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  1. John & Reba MacLeod

    Bruce and Bruce sound like a great find! BTW, my name is John “Bruce” MacLeod, so I may be prejudiced.


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