MAY 2, 1015 – OUR GREAT LOOP TRIP BEGINS – 52.1 nautical miles

We pulled away from our mooring at Flanigan Brothers Boat Yard at 1050 hours with Bruce and Bruce as our farewell committee. What great guys! Without them we would still have a month of work to do.

Bruce Lucas and Bruce Hart

                                  Bruce Lucas and Bruce Hart

The chart plotter was working as we left the dock though we still could not get an accurate depth reading. About five miles down the river the data on the screen froze and the little icon representing the boat didn’t show any more progress. We quickly pulled out the iPad and using Navionics established our bearings again and were back in business without a depth reading. Bruce and Bruce had told us that once on the river there should be no problem with depth as long as we stayed mid channel and wide on the corners. This worked well and in about two hours we had cleared the entrance to the Cohansey and were headed the 30 nautical miles to the Cape May canal.

Weather was nice for the first two thirds of the trip and we were feeling great to finally be on our way (even with electrical opportunities). The last 15 nm however became snarly as the wind picked up to 15 knots on our nose and as we approached the ocean end of the bay we dealt with three foot chop on top of ocean swells. This gave us a chance to test the windshield wipers to remove the considerable spray that continuously baptized the front windows. We felt good about this opportunity to test the seaworthiness of our GB 32 and her performance.

It was fun to check out the Cape May Canal and then the Cape May waterway as we proceeded to Two Mile Landing for our first night out.

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