May 4, 2015 – Cape May to Atlantic City – 38.5 nautical miles

At 0540 we headed for the Cape May Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. As the sun came up it turned out to be a beautiful day with winds on our stern at less than 10 mph. The sea waves were no more than two feet though there seemed to be sets coming from more than one direction so it was a bit lumpy . This created more work at the helm as the auto pilot was still not functional. We were still navigating with Navionics charts on the iPad. Still, all was going smoothly and we had a beautiful cruise up the coast to Atlantic City.

Vicki studies navigation material as we cruise the Atlantic

Vicki studies navigation material as we cruise the Atlantic

Approaching Absecon Inlet into Snug Harbor at Atlantic City was fun as the ocean waves were going straight down the channel giving us the opportunity to “surf’ for several minutes. After traveling at seven knots for over five hours it was fun to see the boat speed surge clear up to nine knot on a couple of occasions.

After docking at Farley’s Golden Nugget Marina we headed down the dock to meet the crews of “Rock Me Baby” and “Allison Leigh” in person. As suspected they are truly nice folks and so we had story time. Via text and VHF they were aware of my electronics issues.  It turned out that Alex had a background in electrical engineering and also had a Raymarine system aboard Allison Leigh. He volunteered to take a look at my system. After an hour or so of manipulating the program I had a chart plotter that was functional at the lower helm except for depth. We traced the wiring for the depth sounder all the way from the transducer through the SeaTalk unit and to the DSM unit and after wiggling some wire a depth reading appeared. The prognosis is that I have a bad end fitting on what looks to be a CAT 5 cable so one little “teeny tiny” wire is not always making contact. How great to make progress and not only have depth (though erratic) but a functioning chart plotter again!

"Rock Me Baby"

“Rock Me Baby”

"Allison Leigh"

“Allison Leigh”

We took a long walk, touring the Golden Nugget Casino and settled in for the evening

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