May 7, 2015 – Atlantic City to Great Kills – 87.1 nautical miles

It was outta the bunk at 0430 in preparation for another day on the high seas. Well at least the coastline of the high seas. With navigation lights burning we made our way out of Clam Creek into Absecon Inlet and out the channel until we were about two miles off shore. By now there were four boats within sight of each other as we had made acquaintance with Jim and Mimi Mitchell aboard “Perfect Balance” ,another looper boat.

Allison Leigh was going all the way to Great Kills so he cranked it up somewhat and soon disappeared over the horizon. Perfect Balance was planning to keep going to Sandy Hook and anchor behind it so they too continued to pull ahead. Rock Me Baby and Sea To See were both planning to go to Manasquan for the night, a 53.9 nm run.  All of the other boats travel at eight knots or more so soon Sea To See at seven knots was trailing by an increasing margin.

The weather was as we had expected with wind out of the east but slowly clocking around to the south at about 6-10 mph. Seas were running at about two feet. With the great help of Alex I now had a functional autopilot and it was working well. Steering was easy and the ride was very nice.

About 1.5 hours into the transit we all ran into dense fog and it stayed that way for four hours. Bless the people who developed radar for this made the lack of visibility a none issue. We could easily “see” all of the boats around us and take appropriate avoidance maneuvers to prevent collision.

When we left the fog we were about an hour out of Manasquan and began talking about continuing on to Great Kills in the “Lower Bay” of New York Harbor. The weather was still nice and looked as if it would hold for a few more hours. We had not been to enamored with the marina in Manasquan anyway as it is on the inlet with strong currents and lots of boat wakes. The timing for our arrival would have put us there during the strongest current.

We made the decision to continue on to Great Kills. It turned out to be a great decision as the weather held and other than rolling when we went broadside to the ocean swells to turn the corner at Sandy Hook it was a beautiful and comfortable trip.

A Great

A Great “Working” Yacht Club.

We made Great Kills Harbor and Great Kills Yacht Club at about 1800 hours. We were greeted there by a great guy and previous looper named John Calascibetta, a member of the yacht club. Ahead of us on the T float was Allison Leigh.

After getting settled we took a walk to check out the yacht club and the neighborhood. We ended up eating at a very popular restaurant and celebrated not only our completion of the New Jersey coastline but an early Mother’s Day.

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One thought on “May 7, 2015 – Atlantic City to Great Kills – 87.1 nautical miles

  1. pat thomas

    Love your blog ! It is such fun to be with you in your travels ! We feel like we are there with you on your grand adventure ! Safe Journeys…Jack and Pat


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