May 8, 2015 – Great Kills – Staten Island Ferry

One of the things we had never done before in New York City was go to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. This was the day to make it happen. In asking a couple of guys on the dock questions about getting to the train to ride to the Staten Island Ferry they not only had the information but then offered to drive us to the Great Kills Station, about 1.5 miles away. Again, nice people. We took them up on the offer and were soon riding the Staten Island Railroad. This terminates at the ferry and train arrivals and ferry departures are coordinated such that we were able to go directly from one to the other without any delay.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

It was fun to ride this famous ferry and see the harbor from that perspective. It took us directly to Battery Park on the south tip of Manhattan. It was only a short walk to the Liberty Cruises terminal where we were able to catch the boat to the Liberty Island. After a security check by DHS agents we were able to go aboard for another ride back along half of the route the Staten Island Ferry had taken. We were impressed with the Statue of Liberty up close. While not being able to buy tickets to the crown as they were sold out into July we still saw much. A selfguided audio tour provides a great deal of information both historical and technical.


Liberty Cruise Line takes you from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The boat then took us to Ellis Island and we tried to imagine what it would have been like for Vicki’s grandfather to have come to America through this port back in the early part of the 1900s.

Coming out of her head!

Coming out of her head!

My first selfie!

My first selfie!

We reversed our boat, ferry and train trip and decided to walk back to the yacht club from the train station. This gave us more flavor of the Great Kills community on Staten Island. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day so we took a rest from our walk by stopping at the Tiki Bar on the waterfront and had dinner.


Didn’t want to mess up her hair on the Staten Island Ferry by coming outside.

One of the things that was incredible to see was the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the waterfront community. Boats and docks had been thrown all over the place. There were pictures around to show us what the aftermath looked like. While most of the boats and docks had been repaired there were still remnants of the damage.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Hurricane Sandy Damage

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