May 11, 2015 – Half Moon Bay Marina – Croton on Hudson

One of our primary reasons for coming to this marina was that the dockmaster had theoretically lined up a marine electronics person to work on the boat. Come to find out there had been a conversation but no commitment and the electronics guy was not available. We didn’t find this out until mid day after phone calls, left messages and no return calls. Our experience so far in both New Jersey and New York is that (1) no one answers the phone but you must speak to an answering machine, (2) there is always a promise that if you leave a message they will get back to you as soon as possible, (3) no one ever returns your call leaving you hanging indefinitely.

We finally called way up river to a place in Albany and got a sympathetic office worker to answer the phone. After hearing my tale she took pity on me and shared my story with the head of the electronics department. He called back and said they would look at our issues on Monday if we could get there by Sunday night. Great joy! There may be some help.

Now we looked at the weather forecast and could see the wind was going to blow with gust to 25 mph for the next two days. This being Monday afternoon we decided to wait until Thursday morning to start up the river. This turned out to be a mistake as you will hear.

In late afternoon another Looper boat “No Agenda” arrived with Tom on board. This was a Kadey Krogen Manatee – first time I had seen one.

36' Kadey Krogen Manatee - Tom's Boat at Half Moon Bay

36′ Kadey Krogen Manatee – Tom’s Boat at Half Moon Bay

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