May 17-18 – Coeymans Landing Marina

Sunday was spent doing boat chores such as installing a U bolt on the dinghy to use for raising and lowering it on the davits. We also assembled the boom and mast crutch I had fabricated in Fairton, NJ and lowered the mast in anticipation of the upcoming low bridges on the Champlain Waterway. Our craft has an air draft of 15’ 10” to the top of the radar but with the mast up it is 20’ 2”. We have to clear some bridges that are 17’ so think lowering the mast might be a good idea.

Boom and Mast Crutch so mast can be lowered for bridges with clearance less than 20' 2"

Boom and Mast Crutch so mast can be lowered for bridges with clearance less than 20′ 2″

Monday had arrived and it was the day to solve all of our electrical questions and load new charts on the navigation system. First the depth sounder. It had been working pretty good ever since we had discovered the bad connection in Atlantic City. It had only gone out once for a few seconds back at Catskill. Still, we thought we had better replace the wire connector on the CAT 5 wiring to the DSM. The electronics guy (Jim) came and I pointed out the connector that was the culprit. He wiggled it and wiggled it and it would not fail. I question whether it really healed itself but there seemed to be no problem so we decided to leave it as is. Wish us luck.

Next was the MFD (multifunction display) on the bridge. Remember, it had gone belly up on the Cohansey River the first day of our trip. It was still showing the Cohansey River when last I looked and warnings kept flashing on the screen about DSM connections being lost and there being no master and other data related warnings. I had talked extensively with a Raymarine representative and he had told me it was a wiring issue between the upper and lower MFD. So, Jim goes to the bridge and fires it up. Everything is working fine! What the heck? Did it too heal itself?

I had downloaded an upgrade for the Raymarine system on Orcas and had tried to install this but then realized it had been downloaded as a zip file and was never “unzipped”. This, of course, didn’t work on the Raymarine. I asked Jim if he had an upgrade and he took my chip, put in his computer and voila, we were able to upgrade the software in the Raymarine system.

So I asked Jim what we owed him. He had spent at least an hour checking things out for us. He said ——- NOTHING! What a great surprise. Now we really like Coeymans Landing Marina!

Also on Orcas I had purchased a CF memory chip from Navionics and downloaded charts for the GL. When I tried to install them they would not show up. After the upgrade of the Raymarine software I tried once again to install them but they did not show up. I spent the afternoon with Navionics reps on the phone trouble shooting the problem, stripped the chip of all charts and started again and after four hours of work put the chip in the Raymarine system and, wonder of wonders, it all worked like it was supposed to and I now have charts from here to Mobile, Alabama loaded.

We celebrated!

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One thought on “May 17-18 – Coeymans Landing Marina

  1. Ron and Marilyn

    We were glad to hear all is ok and you are chugging up the river. Wish we were with you.


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