May 22, 2015 – Point Bay Marina – 32.3 nautical miles

With an expectation that the winds would be down early in the morning and come up again by noon we got off the dock at 0525 hrs. After clearing Chipman Point we had a beautiful sunrise with the clouds just right.

Sunrise on Lake Champlain

Sunrise on Lake Champlain

After all of the narrow and shallow channels we were finally into bigger water. We started the morning with small chop and then as the wind shifted from SW to NW we had an hour or so of Vicki water. Vicki read her book and then called Deborah Karmozyn, our elementary principal of the Pudong campus in Shanghai, to let her know we were boating through the area. She wanted to know where we would be at our next destination as she wanted to drive over from New Hampshire with her friend Michael to see us.

After the wind shift it picked up to about 15 knots from the NW and the wind waves built to 1’ and then to 2 feet with white caps everywhere. We felt smart about this however as we only had about an hour to go. We arrived at Point Bay Marina at 1010 hrs. to find that they were placing us on an end T about 1000 feet from shore.

As expected they did not honor the $20 price they quoted us yesterday but instead charged $2.00 per foot plus electricity. Even though the wind had shifted around to the NW so was not blowing directly into the marina the wave action continued all day. The longer we stayed the less enamored with this marina we were.

Deborah Karmozyn and her friend Michael

Deborah Karmozyn and her friend Michael

Deb and Michael arrived at about 3:30 pm and we had a nice happy hour aboard the Sea To See with heavy pupus. After about three hours of socializing Deb needed to get going as it was a 3.5 hour drive home. We had left overs, finished the heavy pupus, did some weather research, decided to stay one more day at Point Bay Marina with predicted 10-20 knot NW all day tomorrow.

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