May 24, 2015 – Barcombs Marina, Rouse Point, NY – 47.2 nautical miles

We were ready to leave the dock before 0500 but the wind was blowing the boat off of the dock strong enough that I needed to manipulate lines in order to remove them from the dock and still get on the boat. Vicki held one spring line with a single loop around a dock cleat while I took off the stern line, jumped aboard before she slipped the line from around the cleat. We always feel it is a good idea if I get on the boat before it leaves

Our first heading was into the wind and then a heading broadside until we were able to clear a point of land and head down the large portion of the lake. Then we had the wind of six to ten knots from the south on our stern. This meant we slurred around a little but the auto pilot was able to hold a fairly stable course and the ride was not uncomfortable.

Lake Champlain has some pretty  big water!

Lake Champlain has some pretty big water!

The wind had a very long fetch, at least 25 miles, so the wind waves built to about two feet with significant white caps. But the wind held steady for most of the nearly seven hours of travel so the waves stayed pretty constant in size too. I used the “Go To Cursor” feature on the chart plotter that made it easy to keep the boat on a straight heading even with the wind and waves.

The day was cloudy for the entire run and we even got a few showers along the way. Vicki was engrossed in at Judy Collins book and she read most of the trip. Todays run would traverse most of the big water on Lake Champlain.

After we got behind Ile la Motte the wind waves were reduced significantly and the ride was smooth. We had called ahead to Barcomb’s Marina and they had space so when we got close I called on vhf to get directions into the marina. It was very shallow but there was a nice marked channel. After tying up the boat and getting plugged in to shore power we realized there were bugs everywhere.   Several varieties of bugs too from fairly good size to little tiny. The dockmaster called them May flies. It turns out they do not bite but are just an incredible nuisance.

It's Everywhere!

It’s Everywhere!

We took a walk into the town of Rouse Point where we found marine supplies and bought some oil for the Lehman and a Canadian flag to fly while in Canada.

I discovered they bugs weren’t too bad in the wind and the wind had come up blowing 15-20 knots out of the west. It had also warmed up to about 80 degrees so it was pretty comfortable in the wind. I am reading a Martian Chronicle by Edgar Rice Boroughs.

Late afternoon was spend researching the Richelieu River and Chambly Waterway and then the St. Lawrence River.

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