May 27, 2015 – Wednesday – Sorel – 19.6 nautical miles traveled

Not knowing exactly when the lock at Saint D’Or opened and thinking it might be by 0800 we got started at 0720 for a nice cruise down the river with a one knot current assisting us. We arrived just at 0800 but had a red light so tied to the blue line wall. We walked up to the lock office and the gal was just getting out of her car to open up. She said the lock opened at 0830 and she was right on time. This was the first time to lock through tied to a floating dock. There was a lock hand there to give us assistance and we talked to her the whole time we were going down.

Another 12 nm brought us to the St. Lawrence River and then a short jaunt down river to the Port de Plaisance – Sorel where a nice young man who was learning the job did his best to help us out.


Port de Plaisance de Sorel

We called a marine electrician to see if he could come down and check out the battery situation. He said he would come down at the end of the day to look it over but he did not show. With our overall experience with marine services on the east coast we did not have high hopes so were not too disappointed.

Vicki did some laundry and I worked on the battery issue a little but couldn’t determine whether the batteries are taking a full charge or not. If not then it must be that the system is just not capable of handling the refrigerator running all night without draining the battery. Most likely this is the case.

I made a call to Dows Lake in Ottawa to see if we could leave the boat there for 20 days and the guy said sure and quoted us a price for just a little under $400 dollars for the stay. We thought that didn’t sound realistic as it was way too low but …

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