May 28, 2015 – Montreal – Port de Plaisance – Real Bouvier – 38.3 nm traveled

We knew we would be bucking the current all the way to Montreal so it was going to take awhile. At just under 40 nm it would take about eight hours at five knots. The current did run against us at between 1.8 and 2.9 knots so it was a long slog. The water was great and the day overcast but it was mostly a pleasant trip. Just before reaching Montreal we had rain off and on for about an hour and at one point it was heavy enough that I had to use radar to see if any big ships were coming. By that time only one ship had passed us and one we met going the other way.

Getting into the harbor was interesting as we were bucking a two plus knot current and trying to go between entrance bouys that marked a quite narrow channel. We went through there sideways. I had tried to call the marina on vhf channel 68 and got no response. Vicki finally tried calling on the phone and got an answer but when she asked if anyone spoke English whoever answered the phone hung up. I decided to just go in, find a place to dock and then find the marina office to negotiate a nights stay.

Right inside the harbor there was an open dock so we took it. There was no clear indication where the harbor office was so we walked up the dock and then Vicki stayed inside the locked gate to let me back in while I went in search of the marina office. I ran into two guys and asked if anyone spoke English. The first one just shook his head and rudely turned away. The second one, however, came over and he did speak some English so I was able to find where the marina office was.

When I got there I searched around and finally found a young gal with no English. We pantomimed and got the job done registering for two nights mooring but I failed to find out where the bathrooms and showers were and whether there was wifi anywhere. After getting the boat re-docked at E48 and shut down we toured the marina but could not find the showers, bathrooms or laundry that were advertised.

Montreal across the St. Lawrence River - Sea To See half way between

Montreal across the St. Lawrence River – Sea To See half way between

We walked into town of Longueil, a short walk, and found the main street was loaded with restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, banks, a pharmacie and was a busy place. After touring the street up one side and down the other we stopped at a place that had more customers than anywhere else and Vicki had French Onion Soup while I had Poutine with steak.

On the way back from town we ran into a couple in the marina parking lot and asked them if they spoke English. They did and we were able to ask them all the questions we had such as where to catch what bus to get to the metro to go to downtown Montreal, where the bathrooms and showers were and if there was wifi. They had all of the answers and our estimation of the marina went up considerably. Other than the distances that needed to be walked they had it all.

We settled in for the evening and did a little navigational research before going to bed when the sun went down.

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