May 29, 2015 – Longueil

Vicki got up with the chickens and I slept in till about 0630. We did chores on the boat and waited until morning rush hour was over so we could head into Montreal for sight seeing. We walked the few blocks to the main street of Longueil and caught a bus to the metro station. Then we figured out how to decipher the French information enough to learn how to ride the metro subway, bought tickets, jumped on the train and headed to the Central Station. There we transferred trains from the orange line to the yellow line and went to the station that would get us to Old Town.

Subway to Montreal - Longueil Station

Subway to Montreal – Longueil Station

We walked around in Old Town for a couple of hours checking out Notre Dame and other early buildings. We found the Jacque Cartier bazaar street and decided to have crepes for lunch. It was a very popular restaurant but my curry crepe was more like a pancake and the curry was weak and there was not much sauce so it was dry. Vicki had a chicken breast/broccoli crepe that was somewhat better but still nothing to write home about.

Pretty simple once you figure it out!!!  Subways of Montreal

Pretty simple once you figure it out!!! Subways of Montreal

Vicki’s back was bothering her badly so we decided to walk back to our subway stop via a different street. We reversed our train and bus ride and were back to Longueil and the boat. It had been a beautiful day in the 80s again so we enjoyed the weather on our deck chairs in the cockpit, talked to our neighbors, and enjoyed the rest of the day. Vicki did laundry while I was able to use the marina wifi to post some items on our blog.


Getting on the Yellow Line.


Love this fountain in Montreal!


Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal


Montreal Old Town


Crepes on Jacques Cartier Promenade


Montreal Subway

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One thought on “May 29, 2015 – Longueil

  1. John MacLeod

    We enjoyed our get together with both of you last night (at Chuck and Eska’s house) immensely. I talked to my brother in Ottawa this morning and he is looking forward to seeing you when you return to Ottawa. I didn’t remember where your boat is but gave him your blog address, which shows your location. We’ll see you in a year (or so) but will follow your grand adventure on this rv blog.

    love, Reba and John


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