June 1, 2015 – Saint Anne de Bellevue

In the middle of the night there started to be boat motion. We wondered what was going on as we were probably a quarter of a mile inside the lock approach walls where it had been dead calm. We finally determined that the wind had shifted around to just the right angle to be blowing across the lake and directly into the lock area.

Early in the morning we spent time listening to Canadian marine weather on the vhf to see what the days forecast was as it looked ominous. Sure enough they were predicting gusts to 40 kph from the NE that would have been across the entire large lake we would enter after locking through and directly on our beam. After our experience on Lac St. Louis we decided holing up another day in Saint Anne de Bellevue wouldn’t be a bad idea as we really liked the town anyway. We walked to the north side of the locks to see what the water looked like over there and then came back to the boat and hand walked it back down the wall and off of the blue line.

Getting ready to move back off of the blue line.

Getting ready to move back off of the blue line.

At 0700 Vicki walked over to Café Boutique Au Bout De Lisle to buy two croissants for breakfast that she would create with her jam and whip cream filling. I made coffee while she was gone as we had been on the wall for two days now and I needed to run the generator to charge things up and heat some water in the hot water tank. I had tried to start the engine and once again, it would not even turn over the batteries were so dead.

After breakfast we decided to walk down to Marine St. Anne Bellevue to see if they knew anyone who had the equipment to test our batteries to find out if they were shot or not. We had already stopped using the refrigerator while on the wall and still the batteries were depleted enough so we could not start the engine without running the generator for a while to charge the main batteries. Now our theory about the battery bank not having sufficient capacity to support the operation of the refrigerator was confirmed but we now knew that even without the refrigerator the batteries would go dead.

When we arrived at Marine St. Bellevue at 0820 it was still closed but there was a guy sitting in his car just outside the store. As there were no operating hours for the store posted on the windows I asked the guy if he knew when the marine store opened. He said it would be 0830 and that he was the mechanic. What luck! I explained our battery issue and he said to bring the boat down to their dock and he would check it out. We did and he did. It turns out the battery on the port side was toast and the battery on the starboard side was OK but still questionable in terms of full capacity. We were able to order two new batteries to be delivered by 1300 and they were installed by 1600. These new batteries had a 30% greater capacity than the old ones had when they were new and the mechanic said they should handle the refrigerator overnight without a problem.

While waiting for the batteries to show up we had the opportunity to walk back to the grocery store for more provisions and also to get the fasteners necessary to hang some cute little anchor coat hangers just inside the cockpit door for rain gear, etc.

The day was finished by going to Annie’s for the best Poutine ever while using their wifi to check our email. A very nice ending for a very productive and satisfying day. Amazingly we were ready for bed by 2000 hrs.

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One thought on “June 1, 2015 – Saint Anne de Bellevue

  1. LSB

    I’ll be able to sleep better
    now that the battery situation
    has been dealt with.


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