June 2, 2015 –Hawkesbury – 32.4 nm traveled

We had moved the boat from Marine St. Anne de Bellevue to the blue line on the wall below the Saint Anne de Bellevue locks so were in a position to go through the locks on the first opening. This was supposed to be 0930 but that time came and went with no apparent activity. We were up at 0600 and killed time waiting for the locks to open. After 0930 I walked up to find out the status of things and found that they were ready to go in just a few minutes. Off the wall we came and locked through with the sailboat from three days ago in St. Lambert and St. Catherine.

While it was misting and the wind was blowing moderately from the NE it was an easy passage through the lakes and eventually into the Ottawa River. We made good time with only about a one knot river current against us and arrived at the Carillon Lock before 1400 hrs. We called the telephone number and found that they knew we were there and were turning the lock around so we could enter from down stream.


Carillon Lock, Ottawa River, Quebec


Carillon Lock – 65′ lift.


Carillon Lock – Largest lock in Canada.


Carillon Lock – with walls this high it sure was great to have the float inside to tie up to.

Wow! What a lock. It is the largest in Canada and while it does not have the dimensions of those on the St. Lawrence it has a lift of 65’ which really makes you feel like you are down in a hole. It has a float inside it that you tie up to so locking was very easy. The lock attendant was with us the whole time and we talked a blue streak while the lock was filling. We learned a lot about her and the lock and she about us and our GL adventure.

In about a half hour we were leaving the lock and heading up the Lac Dollard des Ormeaux and into more Ottawa River till we arrived at a place Vicki had picked out called Hawkesbury. There we were able to moor on the town dock for free.

We walked into town, and checked out the neighborhood. Then it was dinner aboard, enjoying the sunset, watching the full moon rise, log writing and then to bed.

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2 thoughts on “June 2, 2015 –Hawkesbury – 32.4 nm traveled

  1. Wow! She sure looks tiny inside that Lock. Your trip looks like such a blast, I sort of wish I had stowed away…


  2. After 34 locks we have seen big, small, deep, shallow, wide, narrow, windy and protected. And to think the locking process has just begun.


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