June 29, 2015 – Dow’s Lake Marina to Hurst Marina – 19.4 nautical miles

Having returned to Ottawa on June 28 and making it back to the boat shortly after 1700 hours we put the boat back together for travel. On the morning of the 28th we were up early and after filling the water tank (It holds 104 gallons and was about half full) we pulled over to the fuel station at Dow’s Lake Marina and took on 284.3 liters (75.1 gallons) of diesel at the shocking price of 1.399 CAD/liter.   With the Canadian/US exchange rate of approximately one USD equaling 1.2 CAD it comes out to about $4.23 USD per gallon. This is almost a dollar more per gallon than we had paid for fuel at Rouse Point in New York. The good new was that we had made 274 nautical miles since the last fill and only took on 75.1 gallons. That is 3.67 nm/gal. and almost all of the way, with the exception of Lake Champlain, we were bucking river currents of 0.5 to 2.8 knots. I can’t wait to see our fuel consumption per nm when we are going down stream!

We were able to pull away from the fuel dock by 0840 that gave us 20 minutes to go the 0.6 nm to the locks 9 and 10 (Hartwell’s). We went very slow and then milled around in front of the locks for a few minutes and in we went.

The evening before as we were having dinner in Malones Bar and Grill at Dow’s Lake we looked out the window and there was an AGLCA flag on another boat. The folks on board were just leaving their boat and sure enough they showed up at Malone’s too. They sat at the table next to us and we got acquainted. Brad and Mary Barger from Minnesota and John and Bonnie from Colorado. John and Bonnie were the guests of the Bargers and they were all aboard “Dollinger”. They had left Dow’s Lake right after us so pulled into the lock right behind us.

We traversed seven locks this day and were the only two boats in each lock as we headed south and west on the Rideau. We reversed the order of entering the locks after the first lock which worked better. The two boats were long enough in combination to completely fill the starboard side of the lock.

Most of the day we were cruising the Rideau River which winds all over the place. The channel is well defined with navigation aids but is occasionally as shallow as six feet deep so it required constant vigilance to remain mid channel.

We had called ahead and made a reservation at Hurst Marina at mile 23 from Ottawa. There really aren’t any places to anchor along this portion of the Rideau Waterway and we wanted to go at least as far as Hurst so staying on lock approach walls was not an option as there were no locks at this distance. Hurst Marina turned out to be a very nice marina with all the usual amenities plus a pool, hot tub and a fire pit.

Dollinger had gone on ahead of us so they were already moored when we arrived. An hour or so after we tied up “Sea Horse” showed up with Dan and Angie aboard – another looper boat.

We launched the dinghy and went up river to the little town of Kars where we found a small grocery store and did a little re-provisioning. This was necessary as we had used up all perishables on the boat prior to our sojourn to Seattle and Madison.

That evening all eight of the loopers gathered around the fire pit and had a good time getting acquainted and sharing war stories.

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