July 4, 2015 – Newboro Lock (36) to Upper Brewer Lock (43) – 22.6 nm traveled

We were off the dock at 0745 hrs on a beautiful sunny day. We traveled through many lakes and very narrow channels connecting them. The lake geology is primarily solid rock so we were very careful not to kiss the bottom anywhere. The lake and channels were often very shallow and would have been unforgiving.

This is very beautiful territory and it would be great to return to kayak or canoe in many of the spots. As Newboro Lock was at the highest point in the Rideau Waterway we are now not “returning” but leaving. From Ottawa to Newboro Lock the navigational aids were “red to right returning” as we were going up stream. Now we are going down stream so it is green to the right and red to the left. With the rock bottom this is very important to remember and the twisting channels do not make this easy.

We ran into our friends aboard “Dollinger” at the bottom of the four locks at Jones Falls so pulled over to the Hotel Kinney Marina to talk awhile. It would have been a nice place to stay but we decided to continue on our journey to the top of Upper Brewers.

We arrived at Brewers to find that all of the overnight mooring dock was full. We pulled in behind some boats but were on the blue line. I talked to the couple across the dock from us and they were willing to plug their power into another receptical in front of their boat so we could have power across the dock from ours. The lock personnel said it was OK to stay on the blue line as we were at the far end from the lock. We were set.

Parks Canada has a few of these locks set up with electricity on the mooring dock for a fee. Mooring is part of your season pass that we purchased back in February. The cost of the mooring pass is offset when you stay “on the wall” eleven nights. Tonight will be our ninth night and we still can use it for all of the Trent-Severn Waterway that is twice as long as the Rideau we are on. It looks like buying the season pass is going to be a good deal. The locks pass covers all of the Canadian Parks locks including the Chambly, Rideau and Trent Severn, all of which we are traversing. This includes 101 locks we have or will be going through in Canada.

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