July 5, 2015 – Upper Brewers (lock 43) to Kingston Confederation Basis – 16.3 nm traveled.

We pulled away from the Upper Brewers blue line at 0925 hrs heading down. We were the only boat in the lock. This was a two lock ride down for a drop of 19.4 feet total and then we traveled 1.8 nm to Lower Brewers to drop 13.1 feet through this lock.

We traveled 9.6 nm on the River Styx in a very narrow channel through marshes. Fortunately this channel was well marked with red and green bouys, some of which were placed so close together there was barely room for two boats to pass. We only met two boats coming the opposing direction and one that passed us so this wasn’t an issue. The water was between 5 and 9 feet deep in this channel and the chart showed 1-3 feet outside of the channel so it was important not to go astray.

Arriving at Kingston Mills Locks we found that it was a tourist attraction so the sides of the locks were lined with spectators. Once again, we were the only boat locking through at this time so it was easy to move through the four locks for a total drop of 54.8 feet.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a few clouds. We continued the 4.8 nm on the Cataraqui River to the upper Kingston Harbor where we had to wait about 20 minutes for the Causeway Bridge that opens on the hour. It has a four foot clearance when down. We drifted until a couple of minutes before the opening time and then blew three longs and a short on the horn to let the bridge tender know we wanted to pass through.

Once through the bridge it was only a half nautical mile before we arrived at Confederation Basin Marina where Vicki had called ahead to make mooring arrangements. The marina has 26’ finger piers and 40’ piers. If we stayed on the 26’ finger we would pay for a 32’ boat. If we stayed on a 40’ pier we would pay for the length of the pier or 40’. This is an interesting rule that I had never run into before.   Once moored, on a 26’ pier with our stern sticking out, we found that the marina was very nice and handy to down town Kingston.

We lazed the afternoon and I read while Vicki did some laundry. There was a marginal wifi connection so I was able to find out that the FIFA World Championship for Women’s Soccer would take place this evening at 7:00 PM. We decided to walk to a sports pub in time for the game and have dinner while watching. It was 10:00 PM before we returned to the boat.

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