July 6, 2015 – Kingston, Ontario

The front desk at the marina pointed out the nearest hardware store named Vandevoorts which also happened to have a marine supply section. I walked the 3.5 blocks there and purchased knee pads to use while cleaning, brightening and oiling the deck.

I did some checking on the weather window for cruising from Kingston to Trenton as some of this is exposed to the open Lake Ontario. It turns out that tomorrow was going to be a very windy day and the wind would be coming from the south that would have provided a fetch the width of Lake Ontario. On Wednesday the wind was going to be reduced by 1100 hours and be coming from the north, a good direction giving us a lee shore to travel. We decided we would stay in Kingston until Wednesday morning and that on Tuesday I would clean, brighten and oil the deck, a project that didn’t get done before we left Fairton.

I shared the weather information with Dollinger and they decided they would leave right away as the weather window was still good for Monday afternoon when we would be on the tour boat.

We had determined that we would take a tour boat into the 1000 Islands from Kingston so we could at least see what they were like. We feel as if we are behind schedule to make Chicago by September 1 after our three week side trip to Seattle and Madison. While we wanted to go to the 1000 islands with Sea To See it would take at least three days or more to do it any kind of justice. We could save time by parking the boat in Kingston and taking a tour boat.

Our tour boat to the 1000 Islands from Kingston, Ontario framed by the arch in the Kingston City Waterfront Park

Our tour boat to the 1000 Islands from Kingston, Ontario framed by the arch in the Kingston City Waterfront Park

Yesterday we had purchased tickets for a three hour tour aboard Island Queen, a tour boat right next to the Confederation Basin where we were moored. We were at the tour boat and ready to board at 1210 for a 1230 pm departure.

The tour was well done and we felt we got our money’s worth. We did get to weave in and out of many of the islands and get a sense of what the entire archipelago might be like. It is a beautiful area and one it would have been fun to boat through given the time. In addition to touring the islands, the tour included a very good musical duo singing mostly songs I knew. They were great on the keyboard, clarinet, guitar and vocals. This made the part of the trip where we were just getting there and then getting back more enjoyable.


1000 Islands

DSC05786 DSC05777

We had dinner aboard Sea To See where Vicki made excellent Shishkabobs.

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