July 7, 2015 – Kingston, Ontario

This was a day for work on the boat. Hoping that they would be open at 0800 I headed to Vandevoorts at about 0835. No luck. They open at 0900. I had decided that using deck cleaner on the entire boat deck would be really difficult with a hand scrub brush so wanted a deck brush that was stiffer than the normal use deck brushes I had. They did have just what I was looking for.

I pulled out all of the tools and materials needed to do the days work and then proceeded to vacuum the exterior of the boat. I started with the enclosed portion of the bridge. It seems that little bugs do not like wind. They tend to gather in the lee of anything that provides a shelter from the wind. In this case they had made their home in the canvas enclosure around the upper helm station. I feel pretty sure that some of these bugs came aboard way back at Point Bay Marina in Lake Champlain as they were incredibly thick there. In any case there were still hundreds of them inside the enclosure. I opened all five window panels and the back door panel then banged on the canvas trying to dislodge them and get them airborne. My hope was with the wind blowing through the area they would get swept off of the boat. This worked pretty well and I was able to vacuum up the stubborn and dead ones. Finally, after all of this time, I think the bridge is nearly bug free for the time being.

Since I had Star Brite Teak Cleaner aboard as it came with the boat, and since I had never worked on teak before, I decided trying that product was as good as anything.  I had purchased a spray bottle before leaving Fairton for the purpose of putting the cleaner on the deck so with that had the tools I needed. I sprayed the cleaner on the cockpit floor and after leaving it for a few minutes scrubbed like crazy with the new brush. I then applied a fine spray of water on this to give me more to scrub with and scrubbed again. Keeping the entire cockpit wet where I had applied the cleaner while continuing to apply more cleaner I was able to finish scrubbing out the cockpit without the cleaner drying on the surface. When finished hosing off the area it really did clean most of the teak quite well. In an ideal world I would have had more time to do the whole process a second time but thought I had better keep moving the project forward.

I now did the same process to the side decks and fore deck. When finished it was necessary to allow everything to dry before putting on the brightener. The sun was shining and the wind blowing briskly so the drying time was fairly short.

When all of the deck was dry I put the brightener on with a rag. This took awhile but you could see the teak changing color almost immediately. Once again, after letting the brightener do its work I misted the areas done with water while continuing to apply the brightener to new areas. When finished the entire boat deck was hosed off again. Now it needed to dry completely so I could put the deck oil on it.

Vicki wanted to go one last time to the grocery store and also stop at the LCBO for some wine. This was a good opportunity to do this while the deck was drying. We hiked to the stores and purchased pretty much all we could carry then it was back to the boat.

It appeared that the deck was dry enough that I could oil it as the sun and wind had done its thing. I started to apply teak oil to the cockpit deck with a rag and started first where the YETI sits so we could move it back out of the cabin negating the need to climb over it all of the time. When I completed the area we moved the YETI and that made the admiral happy. Unfortunately the sky started becoming dark with what looked like rain clouds and when I had completed applying oil to about 2/3rds of the cockpit floor it started to rain and it was a downpour.

So much water came down so fast that by the time I moved tools inside, closed open windows and the open forward hatch things had gotten pretty wet where they were exposed. After setting things out where they could dry where possible I satiated my frustration at not being able to finish the deck project by scarfing down a bag of jalapeno potato chips and a glass of wine.

Vick made a very good dinner of Coconut Thai Chicken and yams that helped put things in perspective and good spirits returned recognizing that the deck oiling project would have to continue another day when the deck was dry but before we got it all dirty again.

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