July 8, 2015 – Kingston to Trenton – 63.6 nautical miles traveled

I was up by 0630 to shower and then put the boat back together after yesterdays project. I checked oil, took on water, stored everything, purchased ice for the YETI, Vicki took garbage ashore and we were ready to motate. Prior to leaving we went over to “Spirit Journey” as they had come in yesterday and were flying an AGLCA flag. I turns out they were from Tacoma, Washington though they had purchased the 48’ Kadey Krogan in Stuart, Florida. They were going to come to Trenton today too and then rent a car to return grandchildren to Toronto for their flight home. We will likely see more of them along the way.

We left the dock at 1000 hours in wind that was exactly as predicted by the Wind Alert app on my iPad. Leaving the harbor and heading out into the head of the St. Lawrence River and then Lake Ontario we had wind on our stern and a very comfortable ride for hours on end as we went into and through the North Channel.

The day consisted of plugging along and staying awake while doing so. Most of the waterway was big enough so that we were not near either shore. The depths varied but often were in the 12-20 ‘ range so staying in the channel was a good idea. Then there were the stretches where depth was not an issue and the auto pilot just did her thing. Weather was sunny and warm but not hot. One mystery was the continual parade of bugs on the windows and occasionally in the cabin as we kept the unscreened front window panel open and sometimes the back cabin door in order to keep a flow of air through the cabin. Are these bugs finding us out in the middle of these channels that are more than a mile wide or are these bugs that have taken up residency aboard Sea To See and are just now coming out of hiding. I am racking my brain for a method by which to determine this mystery but in the mean time am having fun hunting bugs with the bug zapping electrical racquet that we brought back with us from China. This thing electrocutes any size bug and fries it completely. Sometimes the odor is not pleasing but the feeling is good for having successfully accomplished the hunt.

The wind was picking up from the west, directly on our nose, during the final 8 miles before reaching Trenton. Wind waves were building but the fetch continued to be reduced so we never saw anything more than 1 foot in wave height. We made it to the bridge entrance of Trenton exactly at the time predicted – 9 hour run. After heading up the Trenton River for about 1.2 miles we were at the blue line on lock one and this was our mooring for the night. Vicki outdid herself with a gourmet turkey chili and we enjoyed the evening alone at the locks. The first and only boat on the blue line waiting for the morning lock opening.

Trenton - Gateway to the Trent Severn Waterway!

Trenton – Gateway to the Trent Severn Waterway! Or at least that is what I think it says. With the late afternoon light and the blue lettering the sign was nearly impossible to read even with the naked eye.

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