July 9, 2015, Thursday – Trenton Lock 1 to Glen Ross Lock 7 top – 12.1 nautical miles traveled

The lock master was emptying the lock just prior to the 0900 opening and I was returning to the boat after talking with the lock master when a guy came up all excited to ask if I had a camera. He had just caught a 5’ 1” sturgeon on the other side of the peninsula between the lock and the dam and wanted someone to take a picture of it before he released it. A dilemma! The lock gates were opening, another boat was coming up the channel and I needed to move Sea To See into the locks. I loaned him my phone so he could call a friend to come take a picture then quickly pulled off the blue line and into the lock. I guess I will never know whether he got his picture and if the release of the fish was successful.

We got settled in the lock and in behind us came another looper boat – “Sonata”, a 42’ Grand Banks 1985. Aboard were Charlie and Bonnie Burke from Virginia. We maintained our same positions for the next seven locks as the distances between them were short. When we got to the top of Lock 7 we decided to moor on the wall there as the weather was nice, the teak was dry and I wanted to finish my teak oiling job on the rest of the decking.

It was approaching noon so we walked to the little general store by the locks and had huge helpings of ice cream in a cone for $2.50 Canadian. That is the most ice cream for $2.00 USD we can remember getting for a very long time. Then it was back to the boat and hard at oiling the teak. It certainly did look better when I was finished than the deck had looked before I started the whole process. With that task finished it was time to relax on the bridge while the teak soaked in and surface dried.

In the late afternoon, early evening several local kids showed up to go swimming in the canal just behind our boat. They had a great time jumping off an old railroad bridge parallel to the waters edge. I wanted to join them but couldn’t figure out how this old man was going to get out of the canal as they were finding little tiny foot holds in the wall and pulling themselves up to the top of the wall. I was pretty sure I could never get out that way.

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