July 15, 2015 – Portage, Lock 39 to Couchiching, Lock 42 – 30.3 statute miles traveled

We only had about 0.5 statute miles to go to Lock 40 so left the Portage Lock at 0845 and slowly ambled down. When we arrived there was another boat on the blue line that had spent the night at that lock so we were #2 into the lock. It was only 0.6 sm to the next one so both boats went dead slow waiting for upbound traffic to raise and clear before we could enter. This was the last lock before reaching the big open waters of Lake Simcoe.

At the entrance to the canal from the lake there is a small area protected by a break water. We poked our nose through that and out into the lake to see what the conditions were like as it had been pretty breezy all morning. The wind was blowing at 20 kilometers per hour from the North East and would be just ahead of our beam on the preferred heading. The forecast was for the winds to diminish as the morning progressed. There were wind waves of one to two feet but not a large amount of white caps so we decided to proceed across the lake.

The ride was definitely not “Vicki Water” but it was not uncomfortable so we were happy we had made the decision to go. This gave us the opportunity to reach our destination by mid afternoon and have the rest of the day to relax and do some chores (3rd coat of varnish on the forward hatch!)

We continued through the Atherley Narrows that separate Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching and then another eight miles up Lake Couchiching. The north end of this lake is very shallow with rocks all around so staying in the well marked channel was important. This got us into the Severn River. We had to wait around for 10 minutes or so at the CNR swing bridge as the bridge tender was wandering around carrying ladders and not in the control room. After this little delay we soon reached our final lock for the day, Couchiching Lock 42, where we moored on the bottom end.

This was a quiet spot and we were all alone but unfortunately this day has not been as warm as the past several days and the boat was moored on the west side of the channel with trees blocking the sun. As a stiff breeze was still blowing it was uncomfortably cold to sit in the cockpit without putting on warmer clothes. We were getting spoiled with all of the warm weather.

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