July 17, 2015 – Friday -Starport Marina, Port Severn – No travel

This was a day of pouring rain. Maybe two inches as the dinghy, which had been left in the water from yesterday, had about 4 inches in the bottom and it is about half seats. The marina had a loaner car that we took about six miles to a nice big grocery store to replenish the larder. It was a read and do chores kind of day.

The biggest excitement was when Vicki was cooking dinner and turned on the microwave at the same time as the cabin heater and the hot water tank were on. Not enough juice so something blew. We looked at our breaker box and it looked fine but we turned them all off and then on again but still no juice. I went to the pedestal on the dock but the breakers were inside a locked door so I went to the marina office. The gal there found the right key and we tried the breakers there but no luck. Just in case there was something wrong with the power to that pedestal we tried the one across the dock. Still nothing.

I wracked my brain but couldn’t come up with anything so Vicki took the dinner she needed to cook to the marina lounge and used the microwave there. The rest of the evening and night we were limited to DC power. The next morning I pulled out the box with all of the manuals and technical information in it and looked for the AC diagrams. I found that there was a separate main breaker between the shore power input and the breaker panel (which also has a main breaker). There it was on the diagram but where was it on the boat? I traced the wired from where the power came on board and found they ran into a box inside the electronics cupboard under the helm seat. I looked under the helm seat overhang and, lo and behold, there were two breaker switches there. A great location if you knew where they were but not immediately obvious as they were not visible from any normal line of sight. I turned on the breaker for shore power 1 and voila! We had power again.

Of course, once this was done I remembered that Bruce Lucas had shown this to me way back when we were working on the boat at Flanigan’s. I totally forgot it so guess there was just too much input at that time for this feeble mind to hang on to.

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