July 18, 2015 – Saturday – Starport Marina, Port Severn to Honey Harbor – 11.4 statue miles traveled.

The morning consisted of tracing down the electrical problem as outlined in the July 17 posting. Once this was fixed we were ready to prepare for departure. Vicki tidied the cabin and dumped garbage while I drained and filled the water tank. I drained the tank because we had taken on some water at Dow’s Lake that smelled like it had Sulfur Dioxide in it and we wanted to get rid of the smell. The new water was fine!

We were off the dock by 0900 and slowly putted down to Lock 45, a half mile jaunt. As we approached we could see a boat going down so knew we would have to wait until the lock turned around. We parked on the blue line and walked up to the lock station to find no one there. A sign on the door said the attendants had all gone to the dam next door. We waited about a half hour and they returned to lock us through with three other boats and three jet skis.

Port Severn - Lock 45, last lock on the Trent Severn Waterway and the twisting channel at the bottom

Port Severn – Lock 45, last lock on the Trent Severn Waterway and the twisting channel at the bottom

As soon as we pulled out of the lock we were in a very winding, narrow channel with cross currents that went on for about a mile. This presented a small challenge but all was well and we were off to Honey Harbor, out goal for the night. The 11.4 statute mile journey took us through beautiful island channels, past submerged but well marked rocks. We arrived to find plenty of room for us at a nice marina and were able to park on the end finger pier away from most other boats giving us nice privacy.

Honey Harbor - Our marina was near the "9"

Honey Harbor – Our marina was near the “9”

As this was a hot day with temperatures in the 80s, as well as being a Saturday, boats came and went from this harbor and marina, in a steady stream, all day long. We launched the dinghy so we could use our swim platform and by the day’s end went swimming at least four separate times to cool down. We really enjoyed our swims and as this was the first time we had used the swim ladder off of the swim platform we were both pleased to find that we could easily get up and down (even at our advanced age J).

The evening was spent researching our navigational materials and determining what our goals would be for the next few days. There are literally thousands of islands along this stretch of Georgian Bay and it would be easy to follow dead ends, or even get lost, there are so many channels. It would take a lifetime to explore it all. We had closed the door and windows without screens and then put a fan in the window. As the evening cooled down we were able to bring the 90+ temperatures in the main cabin down to a comfortable 70s though this took most of the evening. It was hot enough we seriously considered turning on the air conditioner but decided we could function without it.

The evening was concluded with a bug hunt. We had brought along one of our little tennis racquet type charged bug zappers. With all of the lights in the cabin turned off except one the bugs were all attracted to that one light. I zapped bugs and zapped bugs. I am sure I fryed at least 100 as they went zap, zap, zap. Some needed to be pinned against the head liner but many could be electrocuted in mid air. There were so many dead bugs we needed to pick them up with the dust buster.

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