July 23, 2015 – Big Channel Marina, Parry Sound – Hopewell Bay II, Shawanagan Island, 30.5 statute miles traveled


Big Sound Marina Sunset

Finally the wind had gone down and it was time to advance our travels. We pulled out of the marina at 0730. This was after “Knot Home” and “Sea Venture” had already left the dock – two looper boats we had met at Big Channel. The course took us down Parry Sound and then through a series of winding channels between a myriad of islands. It seemed the time flew and soon we were at Hopewell Bay on Shawanagan Island where we intended to anchor.

We pulled into Hopeworth Bay and found Not Home already anchored there. There was room for another boat to anchor in that bay but we thought we would poke our nose into the next bay to see what that was like. There was anchored Sea Venture but they were only half way into the bay. We continued on into the head of the bay and found good depth, bottom and protection there so anchored, at 1130 in about 10 feet of water with a 5:1 scope, all chain, and felt secure for the afternoon and night.

I launched the dinghy and tried to take if for a spin but the same problem I had encountered at Honey Harbor occurred again. The motor seems to run fine at higher rpms but will not idle after it warms up. We relaxed during the afternoon and then we had the crew from “Not Home” stop by to visit. Not long after that the crew of “Chemira” came aboard for a long and fun visit. We were about to have dinner when the crew from “Carandy” stopped by to chat for a half hour.

Earlier that afternoon we had pored over the charts and information books and made the decision to bypass some of the Georgian Bay islands on the NE coast and head directly across the northern end of Georgian Bay to Killarney. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to see the North Channel of Lake Huron. We also wanted to determine whether there was a remedy for the Tohatsu.

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