July 26, 2015 – Sunday – Killarney to Browning Cove, Haywood Island – 17.6 statute miles traveled

We cruised the waterfront of Killarney at dead slow until we reached the end of the channel. Then it was a pleasant cruise on a beautiful day down Landsdowning Channel and North Channel until we reached Haywood Island. We went through the outer bay were there were about nine boats anchored or stern tied and poked our way along the inside channel to a bay buried behind some islands. It looked like a perfect anchorage and there were only two boats there, both off to one side leaving all kinds of room. I chose my preferred spot and we were set for the afternoon.

There was a moderate breeze keeping the boat pointed in nearly the same direction all afternoon and making the heat very comfortable. It was in the 80s Fahrenheit. A fellow on one of the other boats kayaked over and we talked for a while. Then it was R & R. By mid afternoon it was hot so we sat on the swim platform and poured water over ourselves. We couldn’t go in the water as the swim ladder is blocked by the dinghy and I was too lazy to take the dinghy down to get it out of the way.

The evening was spent listening to music, talking and reading. By now there were nine other boats anchored around us as they had been slipping in all afternoon. The sun set to beautifully colored skies and it was a peaceful night with the wind dropping to zero.

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