July 27, 2015 – Monday – Browning Cove, Haywood Island to Little Current – 7 statute miles traveled

The Swing Bridge at Little Current opens at the beginning of each hour as needed. I was told by Boyles Marine that they would work on the Tohatsu outboard on Monday afternoon. We decided to leave Browning Cove early enough to make the 1100 hr. opening and we arrived 20 minutes early. This meant drifting around with several other boats waiting for the bridge to open. The bridge did not open as scheduled but began opening seven minutes late.

We cruised past the waterfront and town dock area and went directly to Boyle Marine. I landed where I had been told and there were two employees of the marina there who took us over to talk to the mechanic. He was willing to work on the motor immediately so we went back to the boat and took the dinghy down. This was placed on a trailer and wheeled behind a pickup to the shop.

In no time at all the mechanic determined that the low speed jet in the carburetor was plugged up. He had to take the carburetor off of the engine and open it up to get to the jet. Then he used solvents and other tools to clean it out. There is not way I would have known what to do and how to do it. When he completed the job the engine ran just like it should.

We walked into town and had lunch at the highly recommended Anchor Inn. We then walked to the large grocery store and bought all we could carry. When we returned the marina had returned the dinghy to the boat and put it in the davits. I took it for a test run and all was well.

It was a very hot day and by now we were dying to jump in the lake so did just that. I pulled out my mask, snorkel and fins to take a look at the underside of the boat including the rudder and prop. All looked to be in good order. After spending enough time in the water to get cooled off we walked back to the waterfront of town and purchased ice cream and poutine.   Then it was return to the boat, shower and hunker down for the night.

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One thought on “July 27, 2015 – Monday – Browning Cove, Haywood Island to Little Current – 7 statute miles traveled

  1. Isn’t it nice to be in fresh water instead of salt. While I think there may be fresh water “things” that attach to the boat bottom, they are not nearly as aggressive as the salt water ones. We started to go out on our boat last weekend but the starboard prop vibrated like crazy and we had to abort our plans. I’ve started the engines religiously during our remodel so that I knew they were fine. Our last outing was the Roche Harbor boating cleaning event and since then, the muscles had grown so much it caused all the vibration.

    Enjoying your blog. Sounds like quite a pleasant type of boating!


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