July 31, 2015 – Friday – Meldrum Bay to Drummond Island Yacht Haven – 43 statute miles traveled

We intended to get off the dock earlier but finally made it by 0705 for the run to Potagannissing Bay on Drummond Island. Wave height was about 2 feet but we were able to quarter into it all of the way so the ride was not uncomfortable at all. The winds stayed steady until just prior to the south turn into the Bay.

We were returning to the good ole U. S. of A. where we would be able to use our phones and 4G again! This will surely help us in gathering weather data. Drummond Island is on the south west end of the North Channel of Lake Huron and is part of Michigan. I kept checking my phone for an A T & T signal but could only get Rogers. I tried once to reach the Nexus Reporting phone number but the signal was not strong enough so decided to just keep on truckin until we got into the Bay on Drummond. Finally, two thirds of the way into the bay, we got a good A T & T signal on my iPhone and I was able to call Customs.

We had never called the Lake Huron reporting number before and we had never entered the U.S.A. with SEA TO SEE before. The reporting agent took down information on SEA TO SEE so it would be in their computers and then the only question asked was what had been our point of departure in Canada. Vicki had listed all items they usually asked about and had cooked some food we thought may not be allowed so we were clean but it was nice not to be asked all of the usual questions. It was nice to clear customs via phone instead of having to physically go into a reporting station too.

Knot Home had passed us during the cruise and were in about an hour before us. We were given a slip on the opposite side of the marina and about a quarter mile walk to the marina office and facilities. We were glad to be anywhere as the wind did pick up considerably in the afternoon. A sailboat came in a couple of hours after us and reported that his equipment showed steady 25 knot wind with gusts to 40.

I spent the afternoon doing a chore that was past due. I changed the oil in the Ford Lehman as it had more than 200 hours on it since the change in Fairton. Unfortunately the only thing I had to take the oil out with was a small hand pump with the intake through a small hose that fit in the dip stick hole. Talk about a slow process to take the oil out. Fortunately it was still hot from the mornings run so it was less viscous but this meant working in warm engine compartment. After changing the oil filter and putting new oil in, running the engine to fill the filter back up I was ready for a break.

We had Chart Hour aboard SEA TO SEE with the Knot Home crew then Vicki, once again, outdid herself with a delicious dinner before we went to bed early.

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