August 2, 2015 – Sunday – De Tour State Marina to De Tour State Marina – 5.9 statute miles traveled

The last weather report we had looked at indicated that we would be better off to wait until maybe 1000 hrs before heading to the Les Chenaux Islands. We took our time getting going and then I looked at another weather report. This one indicated that we should have left more like 0600 hrs. as the winds were building.

We hurried off the dock and were under way by 0850. We headed down De Tour Channel and into Lake Huron. The swell coming in off of Lake Huron were running about 4 feet on the nose but we knew when we reached the De Tour Reef light we would be changing our heading to the west and the swells would be on our port beam. We were not enamored with this condition for the next two hours. We looked to the west and the sky was very dark and it was clear that rain was coming down in sheets. The weather channel was forecasting thunderstorms in the region and hail as big as one inch in diameter with strong winds near the thunderstorms. The decision was made to make an about face and head back to the De Tour Marina.

With the swells on our stern the ride was much more comfortable as we went back into De Tour Channel. We pulled into the marina and headed back to the slip we had left about 45 minutes ago. We tied up rapidly and then connected the shore power. Just as I finished doing this it began to rain huge drops in a downpour and then the wind picked up with very strong gusts. We were glad to be back in the marina and knew we had made the right decision.

Not Nice!

Not Nice!

It rain and rained and then it poured, and when it stopped it rained some more. The sky was black, the wind was strong and with all this the day was long. When this was taking place other places around Lake Michigan and Lake Huron really caught some damage. It was not a day to be out in a boat.

Raining and Raining

Raining and Raining

We read, napped and were thankful we were tied to a solid pier.

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