August 3, 2015 – Monday -De Tour State Marina to Government Bay, Les Cheneux Islands – 25 statute miles traveled

Everything was still very wet when we got ready to go but the sky was partly cloudy and the sun was making it’s way through the broken clouds. We were got off the dock at 0705 and could tell immediately when we hit De Tour Channel that the sea conditions were much better today than yesterday.

De Tour Reef Light in Lake Huron

De Tour Reef Light in Lake Huron

There were still some residual swells left over from the previous winds but they were moderating and the seas were very comfortable when we turned west on our major heading for the day. A sailboat was about a mile ahead of us as we turned around De Tour Reef Light. We were traveling almost identical speeds as it was 20 sm later before we finally were abreast of that sailboat. This was just before we turned up into the channel that led behind Government Island and into Government Bay, our anchorage for the day and night. We were there by 1030 hrs. We pulled up to the lee shore and anchored in eight feet of water on a bottom that was covered in plant life but had good mud holding.

Soon after anchoring the wind picked up and then the dark clouds appeared. It rained, there was thunder and lightning and then it poured. We spend the rest of the day inside reading, napping and after Vicki prepared more excellent food we eventually turned in early. It didn’t seem early as it was so dark outside from the heavy cloud cover. We were thankful for the good cruising weather as we were out in Lake Huron but it was not our best day after that.

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