August 6, 2015 – Thursday – Mackinac Island to Charlevoix – 59.4 statute miles traveled

We pulled out just before first light which now is a little after 0600. What a spectacular sunrise looking back over Mackinac Island and Round Island. As the sun got above the horizon it shined directly on the pillars of the Mackinac Strait Bridge which was about three miles ahead. The weather predicted by “Wind Alert” was once again spot on. The ride was very comfortable and even though it was not Vicki water it was just a notch above that.

Lighthouse at Mackinac Island and Sunrise at departure

Lighthouse at Mackinac Island and Sunrise at departure

Mackinac Sunrise

Mackinac Sunrise

Mackinac Bridge across the Strait of Mackinac

Mackinac Bridge across the Strait of Mackinac

We determined to go through the shoal area between the Straits of Mackinac and Sturgeon Bay on the north end of Lake Michigan as it would save several miles of travel. The water depths were still in the 20 ft. range so we passed through without a worry. This done, it was a straight shot for 28 miles to the entrance of Charlevoix Channel.

There is a bridge at the eastern end of the channel that opens on the hour and half hour. We were doing the best we could make the 1330 opening. As we were within the last 2 miles a Sécurité call came over the vhf channel 16. It was the ferry from Beaver Island warning they were headed up the channel to the bridge and concerned traffic should respond on 16 or 9. I slowed down to wait for the ferry to pass and then fell in line behind two other boats that were waiting for the ferry to pass too. The bridge opened for the ferry so we followed in right behind it.

It was time to take on some fuel. The last time we had fueled was Port Severn at the east end of Georgian Bay that was 350 miles ago. I thought we would be down around 150 gallons so was pleasantly surprised to find that we only took on 107 gallons. This means that Sea To See is burning about 1.74 gallons per hour. Better than I expected and about what I had hoped for. Instead of being a major expense fuel is significantly behind food and moorage costs. And, surprisingly to us, food is by far the major expense. Of course we are eating out more than usual but we are also having most of our meals aboard. This makes us realize that whether on this trip or not, food is a major expense of life.

After fueling we were assigned slip C 70 and found our next home. We walked the town on both sides of the main street and once again, it was clear, Nine out of ten shops are designed with females in mind. I decided to go do something else while Vicki explored and enjoyed.

Charlevoix Harbor

Charlevoix Harbor

We met up later to do a little grocery shopping and returned to the boat for dinner and relaxation. Once again there was an amphitheatre and park right next to the marina and there was an evening concert. Two singers plus a back up band singing more in the folk genre. They were pretty good and easy to listen to from the cockpit of our boat. Unfortunately a bar down the street had a jazz band and they started playing at the same time with bigger amplifiers than the ones in the amphitheatre. As we do not care all that much for modern jazz the cacophony created by this clash of the bands was very annoying. The amphitheatre band quit at 10:00 PM but the jazz band went on till after 11:00 PM – wouldn’t you know.

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