August 10, 2015 – Monday – Frankfort to Manistee – 30.4 statute miles traveled

The weather window was for early calm so we were off again at 0645. We had Vicki water all the way. It was very close to being fog so the visibility was limited to about 3 miles.

We had called ahead to see if Seng’s Marina had anybody to work who could work on marine electronics. We wanted them to try to resolve the depth sounder issue but also to see if they could install an auto pilot control on the bridge as currently there is only one on the lower helm. If we were really lucky maybe they could install the AIS I had purchased way back in February too.

Soon after we were moored a mechanic came down to look at the depth sounder. I pulled the two brain connections for the Raymarine out from under the helm seat so he could look at them more easily. Then I fired up the Chart Plotter. Wouldn’t you know it the depth reading was there again. I guess moving the wiring units from under the helm seat was enough to make a solid connection. The mechanic chased the wires to a bus bar providing power and felt that a couple of the connections were not solid so tightened them. Only time will tell if that will solve the spasmodic problem.

While talking to Al from Knot Home in Leland he had mentioned that he had his impellers in the engine water pumps changed our while they were working on several issues for him in Charlevoix. I realized this was one thing that had slipped by way back in Fairton before we started. I intended to change the impellers but with all there was to do it did not get done and I had not revisited it again. I called Bruce in New Jersey who is probably the most familiar with all of the work done on the boat and he could not remember when the impeller was last changed. The only prudent thing to do would be to change it now.

After looking at the depth sounder the mechanic pulled the impeller and sure enough, it was missing one vane and had half of another one missing. It had not effected the pumps ability to pump enough water to keep the engine cool but who knows how long it would have been before this happened. The mechanic ordered a replacement and a spare to be delivered the next day. We determined that his level of expertise would make working on the autopilot and AIS not such a good idea.

Yup!  The impeller is down there somewhere.

Yup! The impeller is down there somewhere.

The engine compartment on SEA TO SEE

The engine compartment on SEA TO SEE

Vicki and I walked into town and checked it all out. She found a place for a pedicure and I walked the rest of the main street. When she was finished we headed back to the boat for a relaxing afternoon and evening.

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