August 11, 2015 – Tuesday – Manistee – no travel

As we were waiting on the impeller to be delivered and installed we were going to stay another day in Manistee. We also had intended to stay an extra day as the weather out on Lake Michigan was not nice. At times it was blowing at 19 knots and gusting to 31.

I had left my rain jacket in town yesterday when walking around. I though I knew exactly where I had left it so walked into town and sure enough, it was in the store where I thought and they had put it away waiting for my return. Lucked out again!

Vicki and I did a grocery walk to the Oleson’s Market and shelpt it back to the boat just in time for the mechanic to show up with the impeller that had been delivered on time. This was installed and the oil pan under the engine cleaned of the oil the engine had been weeping and I felt great to have two more things on the list taken care of.

The new impeller is the finned thing in the center of the photo.

The new impeller is the finned thing in the center of the photo.

I called a marine shop in Ludington to see if installing an autopilot and the AIS was an option. After several calls back and forth it was determined that their installer was not going to be available for several days so they gave me the name and number of an installer in Muskegon that I will try. We will be going through there in about a week.

The rest of the day was leisure time.

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