August 12, 2015 – Wednesday – Manistee to Ludington – 27 statute miles traveled

Wind conditions on Lake Michigan are important. It was windy all night but the forecast predicted light winds in the morning so we decided that was our weather window to head the 27 miles to Ludington. The winds were to die down by 0800 so we left the dock at 0740 to negotiate the part of Manistee Lake we were on and out the Manistee canal to Lake Michigan.

When we hit the big lake it was as we expected. By now winds were light but there was a large swell coming down the lake from the northwest. I had hoped this would be nearly on our stern but it was on our starboard stern quarter so we did have some rolling, serious at times, but not as bad as it would have been if it were on our beam. Once we got used to the motion it was fine. We needed to be on this heading for the first 19 miles or about 2.5 hours.

Once we made Big Sable Point we were able to change our heading about 50 degrees to port and that put the swells on our stern and the ride was very comfortable for the last eight miles.

A sećurité call came over the vhf from a ship out on Lake Michigan saying they would arrive and enter the breakwater to Ludington Channel in one hour. We were on track to do the same so wondered if we would need to hold off until the ship passed. As we approached the breakwater it was clear we were sufficiently ahead of the ship that we would make it through the channel before he could get there. We arrived at Ludington Municipal Marina and were given B4 as our slip assignment.

Our friends from Pentwater had moved their boat, “Synchronicity” to the Ludington Marina. After mooring we looked down the dock and there it was, moored about five boats down from where we were. They had asked us to call them when we got in which we did and then frantically worked to clean the boat up before they arrived. They came bearing a box of our mail sent to them from the gal on Orcas who was minding our mail. They also brought three deck chairs we had ordered and had sent to their address. Seeing them was like a reunion and Christmas all rolled into one.

We talked a blue streak, visited each others boats, went to a restaurant and had lunch and then ——– a very good thing happened.

Vicki had been patiently suffering with a lump on the bottom of her right foot that was sore when she walked. This made long walks into the towns along the way a painful experience. We thought it was time to try to do something about this so asked our friends if they knew of a foot doctor. We

tried one place but they had just closed and didn’t really have that kind of care but they did recommend another place. We went to find it and eventually did but, lo and behold, right next to the place we were looking for had an office for the only foot doctor in the area. Dr. Alan Mast is a medical and surgical foot and ankle specialist who is so busy he is booked out four months in advance. Nutz! We asked if they could recommend anyone else along our travel path to whom we could go in the near future. They could not come up with anyone and then all of a sudden the person behind the counter just said they would squeeze it in right now.

In short order Vicki was in a room with her foot sterilized and ready for care. The doctor came in, took one look and explained the problem. He said this kind of problem is often misdiagnosed as a corn or wart but that was not correct. With maturity it is a shifting of fat padding on the foot that protects the bone. With this shift, the bone, which has little protrusions to guide the tendons, tends to create sore spots on the bottom of the foot. The solution is daily use of pumice stone on the area and placing little pads on the foot at the sore spot. Vicki says it feels better already.

We returned to the boat, arranged to meet up on Friday with our friends who would come to spend the night on their boat and then travel to Pentwater with us on Saturday. The winds predicted for Thursday and Friday were going to keep us in port.

The rest of the day was spent in leisure activities.

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One thought on “August 12, 2015 – Wednesday – Manistee to Ludington – 27 statute miles traveled

  1. John MacLeod

    It doesn’t sound like it was “Vicki water,” Ron, but maybe the definition of Vicki water has changed after all of these miles on the water. Has it?

    My brother was following your trip through Canadian waters and really enjoyed it.

    – John


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