August 14, 2015 – Friday – Ludington – No travel

We still tend to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up early. Vicki was up to do laundry by 0630 but found someone else had beat her to the machines. She went back at 0800 and had full use of the facility.

Ron and Marilyn, crew of Synchronicity, came back to Ludington in the early afternoon so we could spend time together. They would spend the night aboard their boat in preparation for a morning departure as they were going to travel with us as far as Grand Haven.

I had called a marina in Ludington, several days ago, about getting electronics work done that was still pending. They sounded like they had the expertise I had been seeking and would be able to do the work. They finally called back to say the their expert was also a charter boat captain and would be out working that job for the next few days. So much for that. Ron suggested that I call Grand Isle Marina in Grand Haven to see if they could do the work. They were certain they could fit it in when we arrived. I hope this is not another dead end.

As the Synchronicity crew had brought their car from Pentwater to Ludington but were taking their boat back to Grand Haven we all piled into their car and drove to Pentwater where they picked up a second car. We then drove to Muskegon and left one car and drove back to Ludington. We finished the day with ice cream at Kilwin’s

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