August 19, 2015 – Wednesday – Grand Haven/Grand Isle Marina – No travel

We got ourselves up and ready to get out of Nate’s way when he came to work. He came down but there wasn’t much he could do until he had the data cable and the auto pilot remote so he went to another job.

We moved Synchronicity down the dock and into the travel lift area where Ron and Marilyn transferred all of the stuff they wanted to take off of the boat into their car. When this was completed we all jumped into the car and drove to Zeeland and Quality Marine Electronics to pick up the auto pilot remote and the data cable. While out we had lunch at Culver’s.

When we returned to Grand Isle Marina Ron and Marilyn said goodbye to Synchronicity and to us and after spending time with them for a week we parted ways. We are sorry they aren’t able to buddy boat with us for the trip to Florida but understand the issues and believe they have made the best decision for now.

Vicki, Marilyn and Ron - Good friends from Pentwater, Michigan

Vicki, Marilyn and Ron – Good friends from Pentwater, Michigan

Soon after returning to Grand Isle Marina with the parts Nate came down to work. In no time he had the autopilot talking to the remote control and I had an auto pilot control on the bridge. He tried the data cable but still no depth readings. In consultation with Quality Marine they determined that the problem had to lie with the DSM unit itself. Yikes! I wasn’t wanting to start replacing expensive parts.

Auto Pilot remote. I can use this on the bridge but on other parts of the boat as well.

Auto Pilot remote. I can use this on the bridge but on other parts of the boat as well.

Nate and QME tried to locate a new DSM but Raymarine had stopped making this model too – even after only four years. Fortunately QME had one in stock.

I went up on the bridge for some reason to discover that I had never put everything away and closed up the “Big Box”. Last nights rain had soaked items in the box and there was another file box full of other boat equipment manuals still inside. I spread everything else out to dry, none of which would be effected by getting wet, and then brought the second file box down. I then took about an inch of rain out of the bottom of the “Big Box”.

At first, when I opened the file box, I thought all was well. Then as we started going through the files we discovered that about 2/3rds of them were wet and some were soaked. There was about a half inch of rain in the bottom of the file box. What do you do with hundreds of pages of wet paper to keep them from sticking together and becoming unreadable. We took rolls of paper towels out and place one between every sheet of paper and every page in the booklets. As it was very windy outside we could not lay them out to dry so we had stacks all over the cabin. We hoped that the paper towels would preserve them and that gradually they would dry over time. We had file folders hanging over boom lines in the cockpit and held on with clips we usually use for drying towels, etc.

The wet files fiasco took most of the rest of the afternoon. The wind kept blowing and so we stayed in, read and eventually had dinner and hit the rack.

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