August 21, 2015 – Friday – Grand Haven to Holland – 26.9 statute miles traveled

We decided to leave at dawn as there was a window with light winds first thing in the morning. The wind had just let up that morning so we knew we would have to contend with residual swell. When we reached the breakwater it was clear that the wind waves were minimal but the swell was coming from a little north of west at about 3 to 4 feet. This meant we were not taking it on our beam but little behind the starboard beam. While we rolled on our heading it wasn’t as violent as it would have been if the swell was directly on our beam. The ride was not nice but it was certainly doable.

After about three hours on the outside we pulled into Lake Macatawa and went to Anchorage Marina in Big Bay on the south shore of the town of Holland. Once settled we called our friends, the Dillinghams, with whom we had worked for four years in China. Wendy was one of our music teachers and a very good one at that.

Phil and Wendy came down to the boat and picked us up. They showed us the town of Holland and we had lunch at a Thai Restaurant. We toured some more and then went to there home. All of this time reminiscing about our experiences in China. Phil had worked for Ford in Shanghai so had as many “China” stories as the rest of us. It was great to get together with friends and the time went fast. Before long it was dinnertime so we went to their favorite Mexican restaurant.

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