August 23, 2015 – South Haven – No travel

I had received an e-mail from Wendy saying they had enjoyed the time we had spend together and wondering where we were. I had responded via e-mail so called at 0900 and we decided they would drive down so we could spend some more time together. We though this day would be a good one to visit as it was supposed to rain much of the day. If they came we could drive to Saugatuck and tour that town. This would beat sitting on a boat in the rain all day.

We had missed going into Saugatuck on our way down even though it is a nice stop because we felt the weather was going to close in on us and getting as far as South Haven would be a good thing to do. Also the mooring fees in Saugatuck are very high.

It did rain, at times hard, while we were driving and while we were touring the shops in Saugatuck. We had lunch at “Phil’s” in honor of Phil and then went in search of a bakery so Vicki could by some croissants for tomorrow’s breakfast. We had no luck finding a bakery but then Wendy showed Vicki how you could buy croissants at Burger King. They serve croissant sandwiches so have the croissants but apparently most employees do not know that they can sell the croissants alone. Wendy showed them that they did have that capability on their computer/cash register and they were set up to sell stand alone croissants. She taught the employees something new!

We spent the afternoon at a coffee shop swapping stories and catching up on all of the people we knew jointly. We closed the place down on this Sunday afternoon. Then it was back to the boat for a relaxing evening.

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