August 29, 2015 – Saturday – No travel

We were lazy getting the day started. After that we did Chicago things including shopping for groceries at Mariano’s and walking Navy Pier. Mariano’s is an incredible grocery store.

In the Seattle area there is a small chain called Metropolitan Market. We think these few markets are the most upscale and complete markets with incredible variety and presentation we have ever seen. That is until we went to Mariano’s. Wow! What an fabulous grocery store.

Navy Pier seems to be a very popular spot. We went there in part because we hoped to get a glimpse of the Chicago Harbor Lock we were going to be going through when we started the next leg of our journey. It turned out we could not really see the lock well from here. We also went there because Vicki had a craving for a hot dog and American Dogs was located there, touted as the best hot dogs in Chicago.

We did order hot dogs and they were so so. I would say about a 6 on a scale of 10. They did satisfy Vicki’s craving for the next few years however.

Upon return to the boat it rained and then it poured. This kept us in for the rest of the evening. At 2200 hours there was a very good fireworks display in the harbor just east of where our boat was parked. This was enhanced by the misty air, almost like fog but not quite, that caused the display to make the atmosphere glow.

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