August 30, 2015 – Sunday – No travel

It was back to Mariano’s for more provisioning. We checked out this store more and even the deli had so much variety we had to have lunch there. Vicki shopped for as much as we could carry back to the boat and found the prices very reasonable.


That afternoon I took the mast down and put that and the boom in the pvc crutch I had made for that purpose. It worked well and the mast will be stowed until we are able to raise it again. The Chicago River and then the Illinois River has several bridges that have clearance in the 16’ to 17’ range. The mast, at 20’ 2” would not clear and most of these bridges are fixed. Even so, the 15’ 10” air draft of the bridge hardtop and radar mounted above will barely clear these bridges.

I scrubbed the exterior of the boat again. It is amazing how dirty insects can make things. Between the spider webs being spun everywhere and other bugs either dying or leaving their little excrement piles the boat needs cleaning on a regular basis. We are still looking for the sure fire way to prevent bugs from coming aboard without spraying bug spray all over surfaces we constantly touch. The bugs are not as bad here as they have been at earlier places on this trip but the spiders, in particular, are still constantly messing things up. I had thought that perhaps spiders were good as they caught other bugs but now am convinced that the amount of bugs they catch is irrelevant and their webs are ubiquitous.

In late afternoon the restaurant on shore near our boat slip began playing “music” so loud that it was difficult to talk to Vicki without yelling. And this was on our boat. How the patrons of the restaurant could stand it I will never know. I will never understand why, in todays culture, amplified music foisted upon many who have not chosen to participate, is accepted by society without question. To me it is a clear case of “disturbing the peace” that should be condemned by all as inconsiderate and intolerable. And this from a guy who likes music. But then I like to hear music and not be bombarded with it.

Fortunately this intrusion of my personal auditory space ended at 8:00 PM.

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