September 4, 2015 – Friday – Heritage Harbor Marina – No travel

The marina has a loaner car and we asked if we could use it for a run into town. The rule is the fuel tank must be returned full. We were off with the Jim and JoAnn to the town of Ottawa.

We toured the town with the car first to get the lay of the land. Then it was time to walk the two main streets. We didn’t get very far before the women of the group found a “cute little shop” and went in. I took one turn around the shop and found nothing of interest so joined Jim out on the sidewalk where he was minding Sam, their female dog. We covered world issues and the philosophy of life for quite awhile before Jim posed the question “Do you suppose there is a back door?” How could anyone still be in that shop that had nothing of interest in it?

Ten minutes later the gender for whom the shop was intended appeared, each with a bag from “Déjà vu”. They had found “things to die for”. Two doors down they found another shop to enter so Jim and I continued to the end of the block to a café.

Jim ordered coffee and a Danish and, smart mouth that I am, said I would take a coffee too unless she had a peanut butter milkshake. Whoa! She said she would make any flavor milkshake I wanted and would put as much peanut butter in it as I wanted. So why write about this in my blog? Because anybody that knows me knows that getting food establishments to make any flavor of milkshake other than chocolate, strawberry or vanilla is a big deal. It was good!

A PEANUT BUTTER MILKSHAKE!!!  Not chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

A PEANUT BUTTER MILKSHAKE!!! Not chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

We headed to a hardware store where I was able to get all of the parts needed to turn my Harbor Freight discount pump into an oil extraction pump so I could change oil more easily than the last time at Drummond Island. With luck this will pump the oil out in a timely manner instead of the two hours it took last time with the hand suction pump.

The women showed up at the hardware store and then we all headed to Walmart for grocery shopping. Then to Culver’s for lunch and back to Heritage and the pool. We remained at the pool for several hours until it was time to go spiff the boat up as company was coming.

Vicki’s brother John, wife Allison, daughter Alana and her husband Brett all arrived at about 6:15 PM after a drive straight south on Highway 39 from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. We had fun hosting them aboard for a bit and showing them our little world of “Sea To See”. We headed into town for the best pizza I have had for some time at Bianchi’s. Vicki and John ran across the street to a bakery while the pizza was being made and brought back a variety of items for dessert. We caught up on the latest and time went fast.

Bret and Alana -Wisconsin niece and husband

Bret and Alana -Wisconsin niece and husband

It was back to the boat, goodbyes and they were off for the 2 ¼ hrs drive home. We to the boat where we were glad the aircon was working as it was still 80 degrees out at 2100 hrs.

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