September 6, 2015 – Sunday – Heritage Harbor – No Travel

We were excited! Our good friends from Orcas Island had flown into Chicago to visit a daughter and were going to be able to driver down to see us at Heritage Harbor. They would arrive between 1130 and 1200 hrs after attending a grand sons soccer game. It preparation, I washed the entire exterior of the boat with the hope of eliminating spiders and if not at least spider webs. Vicki cleaned the interior which wasn’t to difficult as she keeps that clean all of the time. With the heavy work done there was time for a shower to become presentable before they arrived. True to Lew’s normal accountability they did arrive at about 1145 hrs. What a great thing to be able to greet Lew and Katie aboard the Sea To See after several months of missing their company on Orcas Island. It was nice that they came with their daughter and her family.

After showing everyone around Sea To See the children and grandchildren went to the marina pool while the old folks went to the Red Dog bar and grill and caught up on the past few months. The visit was very enjoyable for both of us but the time went far too fast before it was necessary for them to head back to Chicago. We would have liked to captured Lew and Katie to continue on our journey with us but, alas, that was not to be.

Ron, Katie, Vicki and Lew - good buddies from Orcas

Ron, Katie, Vicki and Lew – good buddies from Orcas

We finished off the afternoon with a visit to the pool with Jim and JoAnn and then back to the boat to prepare for a looper “Chart Hour” with three other Looper boats in the marina.

At 1700 hours we gathered together with the crews of Manana, Harmony, Namaste and Star Gazer to swap stories and share information. All of these were looper boats with whom we expect to share a lot more before much time has expired.

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