September 13, 2015 – Sunday – Grafton – No travel

After a lazy morning we checked out the marina loaner van, with the Namaste crew, and drove about 13 miles to the little town of Jerseyville where a large Walmart was in operation. This was our chance for major provisioning since we could haul everything in a car instead of carrying it. By the time we were through we had such a load that it took two trips with the dock cart to get it from the van to the boat.

Ready to go exploring to Jerseyville in the loaner car at Grafton Marina.

Ready to go exploring to Jerseyville in the loaner car at Grafton Marina. JoAnn, Jim and Vicki

The next challenge was stowing all of the goods. The refrigerator got filled up, then the cooler. Every cupboard was stuffed and then the spill over was stowed on the bridge. All of this because we would not have easy access to grocery stores along the Mississippi. We will stay at Alton, mile 202, which is a large town, but there is no loaner car and the grocery store is too far to walk.   We will stay at Hoppies Marina at mile 158.5 but it is not near a grocery store. From then on we will anchor out and have no access to shore let alone a grocery store.   Our next food shopping opportunity is likely to be Grand Rivers, Kentucky, over 300 miles along our trail.

I tried to work on my blog but the internet connection at the Marina was so overloaded that nothing could be done. I read a book while Vicki did some laundry and then went to the hot tub.

A guy from Chicago had seen the name and home port on our stern from the balcony on the marina restaurant and came down to introduce himself. It turns out he was originally from Seattle and had an uncle who was the barber in Friday Harbor during my childhood on Orcas. I used to come home from school, jump in the boat and go to Friday Harbor to get a haircut so in all likelihood his uncle was my barber. Small world.

In the early evening we walked to the Grafton Winery and Brewhaus as they had a good wifi connection. Jim and Vicki purchased a bottle of wine while JoAnn and I worked frantically on our blogs utilizing the good signal strength. We got quite a bit done but, unfortunately, the Winery closed down at 7:00 PM and we had to leave before finishing.

We returned to the boat and had dinner after which I discovered that we had a good wifi signal on the boat again. I was able to complete posting to the blog before hitting the rack.

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One thought on “September 13, 2015 – Sunday – Grafton – No travel

  1. ness65

    Great picture! Love the posts!!!


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