October 2, 2015 – Friday – Double Island Anchorage to Clifton Marina – 9.5 statute miles traveled

It was a short run today but we were only making around six miles per hour against the current so we pulled anchor at 0830. Clifton marina is a nice little marina tucked into a dredged basin on the side of the river. The channel in had good depth and there was around 8’ in the harbor. We were the first transient boats in that morning and if they had any the night before they were gone.

We had lots of time for chores. Vicki worked on renewing our mail forwarding request with the US Post office while I explored moorage options in the Florida Keys. We are planning to get moorage at Coral Bay Marina on Alamorada Key. Wifi was pretty weak so posting the blog which is getting behind was not an option.

We joined the Namaste crew for a trip into the town of Clifton in the marina loaner car. Things were mailed at the Post Office and then it was time to explore. There wasn’t much to explore as half of the town was closed down including the Jack Nicklaus golf course. We got coffee and put gas in the loaner at a Marathon and then it was back to the boat.

Beautiful downtown Clifton!

Beautiful downtown Clifton!

During the afternoon and evening six other looper boats arrived including Sadie Too, Patriot, Ocean Dancer, Camelot, Adventure II and Blue Star, a 90 footer. Friends of the Namaste crew who lived in Tennessee came down to visit them so there was no chart hour.

The gal who managed the marina did everything. She was cooking spaghetti for a local Democratic Committee meeting so invited all of the looper boats to come for spaghetti too. We came early so there would be room for the DC. I think every boat other than the crew of Blue Star showed up so she probably cooked spaghetti for at least 25 people. I expect there was a cook on Blue Star providing something more exotic than spaghetti.

The evening aboard was spent listening to the rain fall, enjoying the heat from our heater, reading and then to bed. It was in the low 50s outside.

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