October 3, 2015 – Saturday – Clifton Marina to Wolf Island Anchorage – 33.1 statute miles traveled

In the morning the temperature was still in the low fifties and there was light rain and continual mist. As we had made sure all of the windows were closed to keep the heat in they were all totally covered with heavy condensation, due to the cold, even behind the drapes. They all had to be wiped down before we could see out.

Namaste and Sea To See were lined up on a single pier and Namaste was on our stern.   They pulled off the dock at 0830. I put my right foot on their gunwale to shove them off and, unfortunately, as they got further from the dock this put the wrong pressure on my bad leg on which I was standing. I immediately crumbled to the deck of the finger pier. Fortunately I had been hanging onto a post on the dock and was able to deflect my fall enough so I didn’t go into the water. I was able to pop right back up, and stand on the leg properly, but knew I had reversed some of the healing that had taken place over the past few days. Dummy!

We continued to plug along against the current so it took 5 ¾ hours to go the 33.1 miles to our anchorage at Wolf Island. It is amazing how a couple of miles per hour in speed over the ground can impact your feeling of progress. This definitely felt like it was all up hill. The course was winding all over so the actual distance covered, as the crow flies, was only about 20 miles instead of the 33.1 over the ground.

Shacks along the river!

Shacks along the river!

More shacks along the river.  Must be a depressed area!

More shacks along the river. Must be a depressed area!

River bank in this portion of the river -- oh yes, and another shack!

River bank in this portion of the river — oh yes, and another shack!

Enough different to warrant a shot.

Enough different to warrant a shot.

There was good depth for anchoring in the Wolf Island anchorage but the current was fairly strong. I pulled up behind a small island on the down stream side thinking the current would be a little less there. It was but after getting the anchor down we discovered there was turbulence enough to make the boat swing back and forth. We deemed it not bad enough to re-anchor and the anchor was holding well so we stayed put. Looking at the water and tree line on the bank it would appear that the river level was about normal.


Wolf Island anchorage

It was a typical afternoon on anchor other than the fact it was still cold. Unless we ran the generator we could not run our electric heater so we enjoyed our light down jackets. Vicki made hot drinks for the evening Chart Hour aboard Sea To See.

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