October 5, 2015 – Monday – Aqua Yacht Harbor – no travel

After a morning of working on record keeping we joined the crew of Namaste and took the marina loaner car to the town of Corinth. Namaste is leaving their boat at this marina for about three weeks, renting a car and driving home to take care of some personal business. They picked up the rental car and then Vicki and I took the loaner and did shopping in Corinth at Lowe’s and Walmart.

We also went to a local glass store and had a mirror cut to fit the side of a cabinet on board the boat. At Lowes we picked up some more Denatured Alcohol for the stove and some screening and Velcro to make removable screens for the cabin door and the front window. It was great to be able to use the car without a time restriction.

I borrowed a caulking gun from the marina and installed the mirror and then we relaxed in the aft cockpit reading. As the crew of Namaste were leaving us tomorrow morning early they all decided we should go out tonight to celebrate my birthday that will take place tomorrow. We went to the Rib Cage and all had BBQ ribs. Jim and JoAnn gave me a humorous card. We said our goodbyes and then returned to the boat for the usual evening activities.

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One thought on “October 5, 2015 – Monday – Aqua Yacht Harbor – no travel

  1. ness65

    HAPPY 74th BIRTHDAY to RONOLDO – one day late, but just as sincere! from Arnoldo & Judio



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