September 23, 2015 – Wednesday – Green Turtle Bay Marina – No Travel

We woke up and I climbed out of bed to find that the leg was very stiff and difficult to walk on. I understood the local clinic wasn’t open until 9:00 AM so waited to call. After describing my opportunity they recommended that I go to a local hospital as an x-ray would be required.

I went to the marina office to find out if the loaner car was available or if there was a car rental place anywhere nearby. The marina owner was there and overheard the conversation. He immediately said he would get me a car. He was going to loan me a jeep that was in the town of Grand Rivers, about a mile from the marina so we climbed into his Dodge Caravan and headed to town. On the way in he decided I should take the Dodge and he would use the jeep. The car has an automatic transmission so I would be able to drive it with my right foot. He climbed out, I got in the drivers side and off I went.

I drove the Dodge back to the marina to pick up Vicki and upon arrival saw a sign on the dashboard that said the “Key had left the vehicle”. Ooppss! Not having driven this kind of car before I was afraid if I turned it off I would not be able to start it again. I hobbled down to the marina office to see if they had the owners cell phone number to tell him what had occurred and he said he was still at the jeep location and to drive back there.

We picked up the key and then it was off to the Marshall County Hospital. We drove straight to the emergency room and checked in. Soon a very nice young female doctor came in to take a look and then ordered x-rays. She then made arrangements for me to be wheeled to an adjacent building where an orthopedist had an office. He was a very personable guy who looked it over, looked the x-rays over and then shot the knee full of Steroids. He then put a leg brace on and I was good to go. Without an MRI he did not know for sure what the issue was but suspected that I had torn my ACL. He felt that I should use the brace and give it some time to see how well it healed. Boy did the brace help. I can limp along now without constant fear the leg will buckle making me far more mobile. All in all the hospital/doctor visit took about three hours.

Leg Brace to support the torn ACL.  Helps a lot!

Leg Brace to support the torn ACL. Helps a lot!

On our way back to the marina we stopped at a local Walmart and were able to pick up several things including tools to help clean up the paint mess in the cockpit. I finally qualified to use one of those electric carts that you see running around in these chain stores. When we returned to the boat we found that a considerable amount of the mess had already been scraped up by our friend Jim McFall from Namaste. It is sure nice to have good friends.

After rest and some work on the internet we had Chart Hour with a whole bunch of loopers in the marina gazebo. There must be at least 15 looper boats at Green Turtle. We met new people and got reacquainted with others we had met along the way. We were invited to a very nice dinner aboard Namaste and then it was off to the usual evening routines aboard Sea To See.

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One thought on “September 23, 2015 – Wednesday – Green Turtle Bay Marina – No Travel

  1. Larry Weingarth

    Ron, I’m sorry to hear of your misadventures and health worries. On the bright side, it’s nice to learn just how many good and trusting people there are who are willing to give a helping hand to those in need. As you recover, let people hold doors open for you, let you go to the head of the line, ride in electric buggies, etc. Being treated like royalty may never happen again.


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