September 25, 2015 – Friday – Green Turtle Bay Marina to Sugar Bay Anchorage – 14.5 statute miles traveled.

It was a busy morning. I put all of the things that had been brought out of storage for various project away so I could scrub the boat. We did a job I had been putting off for some time and that is changing the blankets in the catch pan under the engine. The blankets are there to soak up oil that drips from the engine while under way and this engine drips significant amounts. Over many days the blankets get soaked and then some if not changed at the appropriate intervals. Mine were about two quarts of oil overdue. They had last been changed in Manistee. This is a messy job.

I then scrubbed the entire exterior of the boat with boat soap and water including the cockpit where the paint had been thrown. It didn’t improve the looks but I was certain to get all of the paint flecks washed off so we could go into the cabin without tracking them on our feet.

The water tank was filled, I grabbed a quick shower and then we were off the dock almost in time to make the 1100 hr. checkout time.

We headed down Barkley Lake to Barkley Channel and went west to Kentucky Lake. Turning south we traveled about 10 miles to Sugar Bay and found a very nice anchorage. We felt our way in watching the depth sounder carefully and were able to pull half way into an arm of the bay that afforded good holding bottom and wind protection. Namaste anchored between us and one other boat that was already there. This boat being First Snow, a boat we had seen in Frankfort and then again in Manistee.

I took the dingy down for the first time since we had left The Benjamins clear up in the North Channel of Ontario. Even with my leg in the brace it was an easy chore and the Tohatsu started on the second pull. We boated over to Namaste where the folks from First Snow had also dinghied and we all conflabbed.   Then it was time to tour the bay and do some sight seeing.

We were invited aboard First Snow at 1700 hrs. for Chart Hour so we had time to read and relax aboard Sea To See. Just before we left for First Snow, Blue Haven came into the bay. We were surprised as they said they were going to stay in Green Turtle Bay until Monday. They had brought their company for an overnight cruise.

A nice time was had aboard First Snow then we did a short visit to Blue Haven before getting back aboard Sea To See prior to dark. Vicki made a great dinner once again and then it was the nightly routine and to the v berth.

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