September 27, 2015 – Sunday – Ginger Bay Anchorage to Paris Landing Marina – 15.0 statute miles traveled

It rained early but was just a solid cloud cover by the time we hauled our anchors up in time for a 1000 departure. Even so it was another hot day with temperatures in the 80s.

Beautiiful morning at anchorage in Ginger Bay on Kentucky Lake on Tennessee River.

Beautiiful morning at anchorage in Ginger Bay on Kentucky Lake on Tennessee River.

It was a beautiful two hour trip up the river against a very small current. The trees are just barely beginning to show changes in leaf color but even so, between that and the rock formations along the river/lake this portion of the trip is very picturesque.

Typical river bank picture along Kentucky Lake.

Typical river bank picture along Kentucky Lake.

As we approached the Ned R. McWherter Bridge across the Tennessee River we followed the clearly marked channel along the edge of the bridge berm in the shallow portion of the river into the Paris Landing State Park Marina. It turns out that this is a large marina that is quite new. While there are quite a few long term boats moored there we ended up being the only two transcient boats to come in today. They told us to choose which ever side of the marina we wanted and then just pick a spot to moor. We went as near to the office and facilities as we could easily go and had a slip twice as long as the boat.

After registering we relaxed on board and checked the SeaHawk score periodically via the internet. At 1700 hrs we enjoyed chart hour aboard Namaste and then one of the park rangers took us via van to the park lodge where they had a buffet. There was a lot of good food at a price of $9.95 so we overate and all enjoyed a vast variety including dessert. The ranger took us back to the boats.

We wanted to watch the total eclipse of the moon (Blood Moon)that was to take place in the evening but the cloud cover was solid. I watched for quite awhile hoping for a little clearing but none appeared so I headed to the bunk to read. At about 2000 hrs Jim called us from Namaste to say the eclipse was taking place and that it was visible. We both dropped what we were doing and watched while the moon’s face was slowly blocked out by the earth. It stayed in total eclipse for maybe 45 minutes before the edge started to reflect the suns light again. During this time I was calling my daughter and texting with my granddaughter in Washington State. At first they couldn’t see anything because it was still light out there but eventually they had a clear sky and darkness too so were able to see it clearly. It was occurring so slow that we gave up and went to bed after the first sliver of the moon was lit up by the sun’s rays again.

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