September 29, 2015 – Tuesday – Pebble Isle Marina – No travel

In the middle of the night it began to rain. By early morning the rain had turned into a deluge. I am not sure I have ever seen it rain so hard. I have no idea how much but a lot of water came down in the next few hours. It made it easier to see how flash floods occur.

Around 0830 we gave up on the rain letting up and put on our rain gear to go over to the marina restaurant where free cinnamon rolls and coffee were being handed out by Billie. There was already a good turnout of people who had braved the downpour to get there.

Finally, around 0900 the rain let up. We had signed up for the loaner car so joined Jim and JoAnn for a trip to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch/Museum and then to Walmart for more provisioning. We had a good time at Loretta Lynn’s and I especially liked our young female tour guide because of exaggerated southern accent. We couldn’t take pictures in most of the areas but I recorded her voice describing everything and it was fun to hear.

We stopped at Walmart on the way back to the boat for provisioning. Then it was back to the boat for chores while it proceeded to rain some more off and on. Chart Hour was held with the Namaste crew, including Sammy, aboard Sea To See and then it was dinner for chicken parmigiana aboard Namaste.

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